Vital Spark Clyde Puffer, handmade.

Vital Spark Clyde Puffer, handmade.

Clyde Puffer the Vital Spark, handmade in relief from Pine, Brass rod, copper wire.

Vital Spark is the name of the Clyde Puffer made famous in the Para Handy books by Neil Munro. 

BBC Scotland made a very popular TV series following the Vital Spark's adventures around the coastal waters of west Scotland and the various schemes that Para Handy would get himself and his crew involved in.

Puffers were regarded fondly even before Munro began publishing his short stories in the Glasgow Evening News in 1905. These small steamboats were then providing a vital supply link around the west coast and Hebrides islands of Scotland. The charming rascality of the stories went well beyond the reality of a commercial shipping business, but they brought widespread fame. They appeared in the newspaper over 20 years, were collected in book form by 1931and inspired the 1953 film The Maggie.



Width:- 255mm

Height:- 255mm

Depth:- 45mm


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